Malta may be a small country in the vast Mediterranean Sea, but it has played a major role in world history. Its location has made it strategically important and several major powers have ruled the land over time. Multiple historical monuments and recreational areas have made Malta a destination for tourists from around the world.

Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found in Malta, the most famous of which are the Megalithic Temples. These 11 freestanding structures are some of the oldest of their kind. They were built from approximately 5,000 BC to 700 BC using various methods of construction reflecting the evolutionary process of mankind. Though each site has unique characteristics, all feature common architecture that fascinates visitors.

A subtropical Mediterranean climate makes Malta the perfect destination year-round. Winters are mild, with temperatures in the high 50s to low 60s and some rainy periods. Summers are dry and warm, with average highs of 87 degrees. With approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Malta is the perfect place for lovers of the outdoors.

When planning a vacation in Malta, explore different lodging options. Renting an apartment or staying in a home with a pool set in the low hills of the Maltese countryside is an excellent alternative to a crowded hotel. Private lodging is also available near the many bays along the coastline that are home to scenic harbors. A comprehensive public bus system makes it easy to travel around the island.

Being under the rule of several different nations throughout its history has resulted in a blending of cultures within Malta. Traditional Maltese music features folk guitar and at the historic Manoel Theatre, guests can enjoy performances from the likes of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. Maltese literature has recently been traced back to the Medieval period and underwent a radical transformation during the 1960s.

The architecture on the island is breathtaking and reflects the influence of Britain and various Mediterranean cultures. The intricate bas-relief designs of the temples are amazing given the construction methods of the time. The National Museum of Archaeology, located in Valletta, is another great place to view these creations and numerous human form sculptures.

Approximately 1.2 million people visit Malta each year, nearly three times the local population on the island. From the historical Megalithic Temples to the bustling capital city of Valletta, there is much to see and do. Visitors can experience all of it while staying in a private apartment or home with a pool away from the crowded hotels so they can save money on accommodations and truly experience everything this paradise has to offer.

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