The Maltese islands are situated in the middle of the Mediterranean and in general have excellent climate conditions with a textbook spring, hot summer and a mild autumn and winter. Nonetheless, with the current trends and unpredictable global weather there are always some surprises in store with some more pleasant than others! Nonetheless, since Malta is ideal for a short and last minute break, it’s always advisable to look at the weather forecast if you do have the chance to do so before booking your holiday to Malta.

In general, May, June, September and October are excellent months to visit Malta as the climate is warm yet not too hot as in July and August. The latter two months are also a great time to visit and make the most of the Mediterranean Sea, yet for some a temperature of 35C – 38C is too hot to handle!

The coldest months are those of December to February with still an average temperature of 15C cloudy and some rainy days. Yet again, as stated above, one must not rule out the chance of some beautiful winter crisp and sunny days. Spring is a season full of surprises with a bit of everything and whilst the sea is still cold, seeing people soaking up their first proper sun of the year is a common sight. During these months of March, April and May the islands tend to also experience some windy days!

All in all, the climate in Malta is a comfortable climate which definitely contributes to the great day to day lifestyle that the islands enjoy!

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