Malta is an exhilarating combination of activities, festivals and archaeological wonders – compact in size but huge in wonders. The archipelago comprising Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla, flaunts brilliant blue waters, lovely secluded bays, medieval citadels and stunning baroque churches. Every year, visitors are drawn to its coastline to savour its delicious seafood and participate in its various fiestas. Malta is literally an open-air museum – there is so much that you can see, experience and learn on its shores. Here are some of the things to see and do in Malta.

Boat trips: Enjoy a refreshing boat trip that takes you through the Azure Window, through caves with coral and past magnificent rock formations.

Blue Grotto: The deep waters of the most famous cave in Malta displays brilliant range of colours from deep blue to turquoise. The cave is found near the village of Zurrieq, which is famous for its rocky coastline. While here, you can also see the limestone caves and archways that are believed to be at their most impressive best in the early hours of the morning when the rays of the sun make their way through the opening to the grotto.

Blue Lagoon (Comino): The lagoon was made famous by the blockbuster film Troy which was shot here. The lagoon is a popular day trip destination and visitors come here to spend some time on the rocky beaches. However, it gets a bit overcrowded during the summer months.

Beaches: Malta is home to a beautiful collection of unspoilt beaches. You can spend a relaxing day chilling out with a book and towel. Golden Bay is considered amongst the best beaches in Malta. In the evenings, you can also enjoy horseback riding. The one hour treks are available at the beach stables.

Ggantija Temples (Gozo):These temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are believed to be the oldest buildings in the world, built around 5000 years ago. They are called Ggantija, which means giants, because the natives believed that only giants could have brought such massive stones to the plains.

Valletta’s Manoel Theatre: The theatre is considered to be the oldest in Europe for opera, drama and ballet. You can also visit St James Cavalier which houses a cinema, a theatre and a gallery.

Gozo: Visit this beautiful rolling countryside which is just a pleasant 25-minute ferry ride from Malta. The place is very popular with walkers and mountain bikers. You can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna and also visit the capital, Victoria.

Malta offers everything for a memorable holiday. The popular tourist destination attracts thousands of visitors every year and to cater to their accommodation needs, there are a number of options including Malta villas, or private holiday homes, which you can book for the duration of your stay.

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