Malta is an island from the Mediterranean Sea close to Sicily and Tunisia that doesn’t have any rivers and mountains, only hills and it only has few beaches. If you choose to go for scuba diving in Malta you will mainly be able to do shore diving. If you want to do boat dive you can do that around Comino and if you are interested in scuba diving for wrecks there are also some locations where you can visit shipwrecks. Because Malta was important during World War II there are many exciting wrecks to be found when scuba diving in its water, such as HMS Maori. Besides, there are some shipwrecks that were purposely sunk so that the tourists that get to Malta’s waters for scuba diving have more attractions to visit.

Malta’s reefs consist of an impressionable number of soft corals and a satisfying life for those who go there for scuba diving. The life that can be seen in these waters is not very prolific but it is really impressive. You can swim around lots of interesting species such as barracuda, tuna, octopus or seahorses. You can also do cave scuba diving in Malta’s waters and you will have a beautiful experience from this point of view as the erosion created lots of caves for you to visit. This destination is perfect for a family vacation meant for scuba diving. It doesn’t matter where you will stay as you can go scuba diving on the entire main island of Malta and also on Comino and Gozo. Besides, getting to the dive sites it is very easy as you can get to Gozo by ferry in about half an hour from Malta. If you are concerned about your budget, you should know that eating in Malta’s restaurants is very cheap and if you like eating fish you can get to taste lots of goodies there.

The best period for you to go scuba diving in Malta’s waters is between April and October. However, the water has the best temperature during July and August, 26C, while from November to May is the coldest. The visibility ranges to 40 meters and you can choose to do cave diving, rocky reef diving or wreck scuba diving in Malta’s waters. The conditions are good enough for having the best time while scuba diving in Malta’s waters. It is not hard to get there as you can take an airplane from many of the big towns of Europe.

If you are passionate about exploring the beautiful colors that the undersea world has to offer then you should go at least once for scuba diving in Malta. You will surely find it a unique experience to remember as Malta’s shoreline offers you lots of dive sites for you to enjoy. If you are concerned with your safety there are many safe sites for you to visit. On the other hand, if you like adventures, you should visit wrecks such as Hellespont, sunk on April 1942. It is up to you how to spend your vacation for scuba diving in Malta, one thing is sure: you will find it on your taste.

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