Nestled between Sicily and North Africa, Malta benefits from stunning weather all year round. Engrossed by an astonishing climate, intriguing history and entertainment coupled with a warm welcome by the locals, Malta has something extraordinary for everyone and never fails to deliver.

Dubbed the island of sunshine, Malta offers the ideal scenario for hot and sunny days at the beach and warm evenings with a cool breeze, dining in a restaurant by the sea. With spring rains subsiding by June, Summer offers little rain (if any at all), opening up opportunities such as diving, boating and barbeques by the sea. At Malta Hotels Online, we have hotels to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

With the sea being the main specialty of Malta, there are plenty of villages offering photogenic views as well as an abundance of seafood restaurants to quench your hunger. Home to many beautiful sandy beaches, Malta offers fantastic attractions for sun-worshippers. Just bring a book and a towel and you are set for a wonderful day of relaxing in the sun. Ghadira Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay, Gnejna and Paradise Bay are some of the most popular spots around the island.

From 3 star hotels to 4 star and 5 star hotels in Malta, we can provide you with a range accommodation possibilities located in idyllic spots with breathtaking views so you will never be that far away from a beach.

Summertime is the ideal season for many annual festivals worth attending. There is the Malta Jazz Festival, Malta Arts Festival, the Isle of MTV, the Malta Mediterranean Folk Music Festival and Notte Bianca to mention just a few.

The hot summer months also open up the festa season with a series of events starting from the end of May all the way through to September. Hardly a weekend goes by without a village celebrating the feast of its patron saint. A typical Maltese festa lasts a minimum of three days and features traditional stands selling fast food and Maltese type nougat amongst other delicacies. The evenings usually end with a fireworks display bound to brighten up the sky with an array of colours.

Getting to Malta is quit easy. Various flights from across the world land in Malta. Cruises are increasingly popular too, coming to Malta for either 1 full day or for a number of days, allowing tourists to view as many interesting places as possible.

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