When it comes to tourists attractions in Africa then Nigeria has the bragging rights to be one of the best destinations in the continent. The country is Africa’s 14th largest with an area of around 923,768 square kilometers. Nigeria offers many places of tourists’ interests. There is a wide range of exotic beaches in the country which keep swimmers and water sports admirers busy throughout their Nigerian vacation. The immense areas of pure sceneries in the country allow nature lovers to rejuvenate and adore their time. The local costumes of the region are highly impressive. The cultures of Nigeria are best explained by its delectable cuisines, handicrafts and festivals. The natives are known to be friendly and welcome tourists with their hearts wide open.

The country’s urbanity impresses many businessmen and tourists, cities such as Lagos and Abuja have long been drawing tourists for many years. However, the tourism industry of Nigeria still needs to make a lot of improvements. The new administration of the country has been working hard to improve the state’s infrastructure. Many of the foreign as well as local investors have been investing on the tourism industry and according to them the country has a great tourism potential. In the coming years, several issues concerning Nigerian tourism will be solved. Currently, investors have been spending a good amount of cash on the cultural sites of the country where the relics of slave trade are abundant. Many of the Nigerian museums and monuments are being carefully preserved and a lot of money is being spent on the national parks.

Nigeria is also a home to an extensive wildlife making it an ultimate destination for safari goers. The current administration has also spent money on the constructions of hiking trails and Jeep tracks in the safari parks of Nigeria. On the other hand, the camping and picnic sites – inside the trail circuit system of the national parks – are also demanded and their developments are under process.

Most of the venues will be facilitated by better tourist lodges and reception centers will be built at the country’s natural and physical attractions. The demand for a cable bus system (which can allow tourists to explore the uneven but picturesque terrains) in mountain ranges of Mambilla, Kanyang and Obudu is in the limelight as well. Many hotels and resorts are being established near the natural sights of the country which include springs and waterfalls. Sport fishing and boating facilities are being enhanced in the beach tourism sector and the region will be seeing contemporary amusement parks, shopping zones and other general entertainment facilities. The country lacks the modern infrastructural facilities therefore; the administration is paying heed towards improving it. The only negative thing about Nigeria is the poverty which can be noticed in the rural areas.

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