South of Sicily and situated 96 kilometres exists one of the most gorgeous Islands from within the entire Mediterranean. The island in question is full of deep and sharp heritage that of which has been studied by some of the world’s most avid historians and pre-dates back to a time even before history was manually recorded. With its hills, blue sky and sandy beaches, the Island of Malta is a paradise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Warm Climate

No matter if the Island’s climate is infused with usual heat and humidity or is quite cold to say the least, the Island of Malta will most certainly compensate any weather condition encountered. Winter in Malta is really not as cold as any other remaining country and additionally summers are not as sizzling as some of the other sub-tropical islands. Malta’s weather is excellent to be in no matter what time of year it is. So much so that one can arrive at any time of the year and still get the full experiential feel for the place. It is ideal to escape cold winters and perfect for those that love to sunbathe in the Mediterranean sun.


Malta’s population is approximately around 414,000 and has been ruled by quite a few countries in its past. The country is honoured to host so much tradition and history and a culture which is as diverse as they come. With rich and gorgeous landscapes and buildings that date back to thousands of years ago, visiting Malta will certainly provide a sentimental meaning as one strolls down a past which resulted in a unique culture.

The island of Gozo

One can have quite the chilled out holiday when you cross over to Mata’s sister island. Gozo is mostly covered in a rural setting along with a very peaceful village life. The people are welcoming and very hospitable. Gozo’s environment is clean and well-maintained and a bliss type experience is certainly accessible during your stay. Gozo is considered to be the «old» Malta as it is much less developed than Malta and still practice old traditions. Gozo is most certainly a location you should make time for during your stay in Malta.

A small Island of your own to explore

Due to the fact that Malta is quite a small island where local amenities are fairly close together, you’ll be able to visit a good majority of the tourist attractions without any hassle. No need to wait around in regards to getting back home, as ones accommodation is really not that far away. Another good reason is that accommodation and airline travel is very reasonable in regards to any other destination in Europe.

No point in waiting for retirement to visit this gorgeous island. It caters for families with young children, older generations that are seeking a relaxing break, and also for younger generations that want to enjoy the Malta’s nightlife.

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