Malta may be the ultimate getaway for your romantic dream wedding. Malta, and its sister island of Gozo are packed with unique beauty, history and charm that will surely make your special day truly unforgettable. Its luxurious hotel halls, lavish venues, quaint churches, and fabulous weather provide an array of options for planning the wedding you’ve always imagined.

Planning for your Malta Wedding

A Traditional Maltese wedding used to feature a bridal party which walked from the bride’s home to the parish church, beneath a detailed canopy, followed by singers who serenaded them. Nowadays, bridal cars, limousines and horse-driven carriages have replaced this age-old tradition. Once married, the wife would wear the ‘ghonnella’, a traditional item of clothing that is no longer in use. Modern-day couples still, more often than not, get married in a traditional manner by means of a mass in a local church of their choice. This is followed by a reception which is attended by a few hundred guests, often lasting till the early hours of the morning. Alternatively, seated gala dinners may be chosen instead of receptions.

If you desire to get married in a church, you can choose from the 300+ churches and chapels that are scattered all over the Maltese islands. These were built during a number of different periods in history and thus offer diverse charm, architectural features and décor, one of which is sure to suit your picture-perfect wedding in Malta. In the case of civil weddings, or the reception/dinner that follows the mass, local gardens, historical Palazzos, sea-view venues, pool terraces, and hotel grand suites, amongst others, are available on various parts of the island, all of which may provide you with the exact theme and atmosphere that you hope for.

As compared to the more common exotic wedding locations, such as the Caribbean for instance, weddings in Malta can prove to be more affordable. In fact, on the island one can find an array of wedding locations for your dream wedding, as well as hotels for your guests, to suit any budget! Furthermore, there are hotels that provide fantastic all-round packages as well as experienced on-site teams that handle everything for you!

As soon as you decide to marry in Malta, on-site wedding teams can organize your dream wedding for you and guide you through every step of the way, allowing you to arrive on the island and find everything prepared for the big day! Easy, affordable, perfect!

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