Malta timeshare resorts and Cyprus timeshare resorts are both significant contributors to their country’s respective economies, with tourists particularly flocking to both islands from mainland Europe throughout the summer months.

While both islands have their merits they are in direct competition for tourism business. Each is capable of attracting holidaymakers but perhaps appeal to slightly different crowds, with Cyprus timeshare complexes more likely to attract a younger, livelier crowd, while Malta timeshare resorts have always proved popular with slightly older holidaymakers.

With a Radisson resort and several other luxurious complexes across the island, Malta certainly has the edge in terms of the standard of accommodation. Along with neighbouring islands Gozo and Comino, Malta has a very traditional Mediterranean feel, with 7000 years of history to explore and an abundance of beautiful buildings and places to visit. The way of life is tremendously relaxed; a factor which many British holidaymakers find particularly appealing as this is reflected in the atmosphere around most Malta timeshare resorts as well.

The island is a perfect destination for those who enjoy exploring foreign architecture and scenery, with families whose children have grown up finding it to be a particularly rewarding holiday destination. Given its relatively small size, the entire island can be explored from any Malta timeshare complex, of which there are a surprising number to choose from. There are plenty of active pursuits to get involved in should you wish, from hiking to rock climbing, or you can enjoy luxury spa facilities at one of the well appointed resorts across Malta.

Cyprus shares much of the same heritage and natural beauty as Malta and also the same temperate climate which makes it popular in the autumn and spring as well as the peak summer months. Cyprus timeshare resorts aren’t quite as well established as their counterparts in Malta, but the industry remains successful, with British timeshare owners also having the option of using exchange networks to sample a week’s holiday on the island by trading in the week that they own. With the party destination of Ayia Napa on the island, Cypriot tourism is geared towards a younger audience, with other destinations on the island looking to accommodate young families in addition to the teenagers and twenty-somethings that flock to Napa every summer.

There is a finer side to Cyprus however, as much as it does represent a fun-filled vacation for holidaymakers, and that is noticeable at many Cyrus timeshare resorts. The Coral Bay Resort in Paphos – a town that combines a lively restaurant and bar scene with a friendly and charming familiarity – is particularly sought after and shows that holidaymakers can enjoy the finer side on a visit to Cyprus.

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