The Island of Malta is one of Europe’s smallest Islands situated in the heart of the Mediterranean. The Island is seen as a popular vacation spot for Europeans, most of which comprise tourists from the U.K., Italy, Germany, Holland and France. People visit Malta for a variety of reasons as Malta really does offer a lot of things to do, which are quite appealing to travellers and tourists alike. Below a few good reasons to visit yourself and no matter where you go next year, Malta should be a place to consider for all the family.

Language and Currency
Malta possesses its very own language named ‘Maltese’, however this country is considered to have two languages which have been officially held. English is Malta’s second official language and Maltese is the Island’s native speaking language. The Island of Malta was under the rule of the British for approximately 160 years and gained independence close to 1964, however left the people of Malta with a fairly good knowledge of English. The language of Maltese is more broadly spoken across the Island; however English speaking visitors will most certainly not have a problem in terms of communication, which certainly helps while in an unfamiliar country. Since the countries connection with the EU, the currency used has been the EURO and is certainly another helpful factor in regards to visitors arriving from the remaining European countries. The Euro currency also helps in bridging the communication gap since tourists from other European Union countries will be familiar with it.

Leisure and Sport activities
The Island of Malta is such a good location for many sports and includes mountain biking, hiking, Para gliding, rock-climbing, yachting and wind surfing. There are most certainly plenty to keep you well entertained and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Any materials needed for such activities are readily available on demand. Gozo is particularly a good location to visit in regards to rock climbing. The Islands steep cliffs certainly make it a good place for such an activity. Additionally, mountain biking is ideal due to the excellent terrain and peaceful roads.

Traveling around Malta is easy
The age long experience of when one goes for such a holiday is that to get around a place or to travel to the nearest beach and museums takes its time. A whole day can be wasted simply by travel and one then ends up spending a good majority of their holiday on a bus! Malta is certainly not that way, as it takes around an hour to get from coast to coast across the Island, while seeing places on your way. There are holiday resorts, beaches, clubs, cinemas, restaurants and historical sites. Discovering Malta just for this reason alone is good as one can finally achieve a vacation break which doesn’t take up ones precious time travelling around from one place to another.

Great Quality Hotels and accommodation
Some really impressive hotels broadly exist across the Island and at reasonable rates. Popular areas for holiday accommodation are Bugibba, Qawra, and St. Julian’s and is located in Northern Malta itself. The lodging is recommended in St. Julian’s if one wants to be close to the nightlife scene. However, any location offers a peaceful holiday to enjoy with your family.

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