Barbados draws its influences from both West African and British cultures, making it a hodgepodge of cultural diversity that makes for an interesting getaway destination. Adding a cultural theme to your holiday is never a bad thing, and staying in one of the delightful Barbados boutique hotels will give you the very best of both worlds – not to mention making some of the following landmarks very accessible.

Parliament Buildings in Parliament Square

You can’t miss visiting the capital (and a UNESCO world Heritage Site) Bridgetown. It boasts of a number of historic buildings, which are still intact and demonstrate the earlier architectural influences on the city.

For instance, the Parliament Buildings, which were built in the 1870s, are reminiscent of Great Britain’s Victorian era. Even today, the Parliament Buildings remain one of the top attractions on the island, and are elaborately decorated and lighted annually in November and December. For tourists staying in Barbados, boutique hotels in the city will allow them to appreciate the buildings’ grandeur at close range. Another notable feature of the Parliament Buildings that showcase the British influence on the island is the clock tower off its west wing. It sports a four-faced clock, which can be seen clearly from different vantage points throughout the city, making it an important and well-loved landmark.

The Garrison Historic Area Near Heroes Square

More popularly known as simply The Garrison, St. Ann’s Garrison served as the headquarters of the British West Indies Regiment from the 18th to the 19th century. It is a massive compound that today features some of the most iconic historical pieces from when it was built. One of its most popular attractions is the National Cannon Collection, which has some of the oldest preserved British cannons in the world. Stay in one of the lovely Barbados boutique hotels within access of The Garrison, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore this important historical landmark. It is also home to the Garrison Savannah, a historic horse-racing track that continues to host the annual Gold Cup and Triple Crown series.

Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels on St. Michael’s Row

Another architectural beauty and a historical point of interest in Bridgetown is the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels. Tourists who want to learn more about the country’s culture and history must not miss this. While staying on Barbados, boutique hotels situated near Bridgetown will situate you very near to this site, so transportation will not be a problem.

Originally a small wooden parish church believed to have been built in the 1660s, the cathedral was rebuilt in 1789 and declared a cathedral in 1825. Over the centuries, it has endured damage, from two hurricanes – the first in 1780 and another one in 1831. Today, the cathedral boasts a beautiful tower and intricate stained glass windows. Its interior features a marble font that dates back to the 1600s. The graveyard behind the cathedral is the final resting place of two prominent Barbadian icons: the Prime Minister of the West Indies Sir Grantley Adams, and his son and successor as Prime Minister Tom Adams.

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