Sliema, defined as ‘peace’ in Maltese, is not very quiet and peaceful as much as it is lively, urban and exciting. Located in the vicinity of the Maltese port, Sliema is a popular city, both with Maltese and tourists alike. Nice views, coasts, shopping areas, restaurants, cafeterias, banks, language schools, dive schools among other amenities, feature the city.

Sliema has seen a major change since the 20th Century, when the area changed from a fishermen’s village into a metropolitan. Being close to Malta’s capital, Valletta, the region emerged as a resort for wealthy Valletta residents who lined the coast with neat villas and town houses.

Nowadays, the locality is both a commercial and residential area. Apart from business-related and entertainment establishments, people reside there. Penthouses and apartments are very popular, providing a desirable coastal view – rock beaches and the Mediterranean Sea along with ships and large vessels on the horizon are not to be missed from terraces and balconies facing outwards.

Given the popularity and urbanity of the city, various hotels in Sliema accommodate tourists there. When staying in Sliema, foreigners would be living in a central area, where buses pass regularly, and all necessary amenities laying just a few steps away. Whether it is a supermarket, boutique, hairdresser or a souvenir shop, tourists will find what they need. Moreover, one can enjoy a nice and relaxing walk or jog along the promenade, attend for a Spa session or get a ferry that goes round the port or island.

Local and foreign businesses have their offices located in Sliema as well. In fact, business persons coming to Malta for a corporate holiday stay in one of the business hotels there. Central, nice and having all business features a hotel needs to have, such as internet access, conference rooms, etc. Many foreign expatriates who work or study in Malta live temporarily there.

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