When staying in Malta it is always a good idea to stay in a five star Malta hotel. There are a lot of hotels in malta available for all tourist. Some are more affordable than others but for those of you looking for a very special treatment for a very special occasion a five star Malta hotel would be your best choice. Five star Malta Hotels are located all over the island nation of Malta. Almost all of these hotels have their own private pools but they also usually own their own beach. As a resort and retreat five star Malta hotels provide excellent services and receive high reviews from critics and guests alike. Although rates might be always affordable for most, to those who can afford them really do get their money’s worth in return. Benefits of having an accommodation in Malta in a five star Malta hotel are in the form of services received from the staff to the memories made during the stay.

There is only one five star Malta hotel in Malta’s capital city of Valletta. It is called the Hotel Phoenicia Malta and it has a lot of elegant and regal features. One way to get there easily is to make reservations early. Making reservations ensures a smooth trip on the way to the hotel as you concerns are readily addressed and taken care of by the hotel staff. The hotel provides guests with a very relaxing atmosphere, perfect for those of you looking to get away from the stresses of working daily. This five star Malta hotel has a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It also offers guests with a magnificent view of the harbor. The hotel also allows guest to play mini golf or take a walk in its seven acres of mature gardens. Its rooms also offer high speed internet access and for those of you who are running a business this hotel offers a business center. Wireless internet access is also available for you in the Palm Court Lounge to allow mobility in your work and in the meeting rooms to allow easy internet access. The hotel also offers free shuttle transfers to one of the island’s most popular sandy beaches.

A good five star hotel, which has received high reviews from critics and guests alike, is the Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz. This five star Malta hotel is more than just an exclusive resort because it offers guests with a view of its 30,000 sqm subtropical garden. This five star Malta hotel was built to blend right into the yellow limestone in a traditional sense. It boasts 122 rooms consisting of suites to premium and deluxe as well as 2 presidential suites made out of limestone. Each room provides guests with a rustic atmosphere and each is elegantly decorated with flowers, local woods, and a lot of Mediterranean colors. This five star Malta hotel offers guests a chance to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea via boat trips. This also gives guests a chance to explore their surroundings and see the different sites in Gozo.

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