No matter what time of the year you go to Malta there will always be something there for you to see or do. Here are five places that you must see while you are on your holiday.

1.) The magnificent Grand Harbour: a visit to Malta is not complete unless you visit the Grand Harbour, and one of the best ways to view it is from one of the many little water taxis that you can find down at the Valetta waterfront complex.

2.) The beautiful silent city of Mdina: during the day Mdina is great to walk around and has many attractions and museums to view. If you fancy a little bit of ghost spotting, try walking around at night, you will find that the attractions and museums are closed, but it is still a stunning place to see.

You should also take a bit of time out of your schedule to visit the Mdina experience, where you will discover the sights and sounds of the old capital city.

3.) The Popeye Village: following the success over the years of the cartoon Popeye the spinach eating sailor, and his girl Olive Oil. The series was made into a feature length film starring Robbin Williams and Shelly Duval.

The set of the film was built at Anchor Bay, and apart from just being an attraction to walk around, there are other things available, such as a children’s world fun park, restaurant and traditional cultural exhibits.

4.) The Blue Lagoon: one of the, if not the most beautiful places on the island of Comino to go for a swim is the Blue Lagoon. Though not really known a lot as a popular tourist spot, it has been seen many times on screen in productions such as: The mini series Helen of Troy, Swept Away featuring Madonna and many others.

The only unfortunate thing about wanting to travel to the Blue Lagoon is you will not be able to make it to there by yourself, unless you have a boat that is. Although there are many places on the island where you can find details of trips that can take you there. Just pop into any tourist attraction center of even a local hotel lobby and pick up a leaflet.

5.) The Knights Spectacular: is a wonderful musical dinner show consisting of fifty very talented performers and eight wonderful horses. During this great two hour show epics the siege of 1565, with original music, spectacular costumes and a great love story to boot.

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