When you are on a vacation to Cuba it would be unlikely for you to miss an exotic holiday destination in one of the best beaches in the world – Varadero Beach. Characterized by tropical sunshine, miles of white sand stretched across the lovely beach shore and the warm Caribbean sea, this beach offers you the perfect weekend getaway for a perfect stress buster experience. 20 kms of a continuous stretch of soft white sand of the beach and an amazing view of crystal clear water shimmering in the sun, without any fail, sweeps you off your feet. The apt setting in this tranquil environment is to relax yourself on a beach chair or a hammock and sip on a cocktail and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Apart from exquisite beaches Varadero also offers exciting holiday activities, tourist attractions to watch out for and lively nightlife. Varadero also has Cuba’s largest number of luxury resorts and hotels that entertain a cosmopolitan mix of visitors. You can engage yourself in sports activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. There are about 20 world-class dive sites in Varadero that attracts keen divers. They are aided by professional instructions. Scuba diving is widely practiced by tourists throughout the year. Varadero not only offers you such adventurous water sport activities but also boasts about its huge selection of on-land sport activities that are duly taken advantage of by the eager visitors in order to have the time of their lives. These sports include golf, tennis, horse riding, jet-skiing and cycling. The Varadero Golf Club has a bewildering view of the beach from over the golf ground.

Other tourist attractions include museums in the oldest cities in Caribbean – Havana. This place also is home to the most colorful bars and the nightlife here is worth the while. It is renowned for its Tropicana cabaret and the famous cigar factory. If you are visiting Varadero during February, you mustn’t at any cost, miss the Carnival celebrations in Trinidad. You are also presented with adventurous opportunities like excursions that may include a tour of the jungle that is ornamented by magnificent network of waterways, swimming with the dolphins at the dolphinarium and taking a catamaran trip to a deserted island and snorkeling with the marine life.

The old town of Varadeo is embedded with some old wooden buildings and pre-revolution mansion along the seafront. Your vacation is incomplete without feasting your eyes on these remarkable sights as also shopping for souvenirs like carvings, masks, jewelry, the famous Cuban rum and hand-rolled cigars. You gain easy access to all these luring indulgences by logging into websites that offer cheap all inclusive deals for a trip to Varadero.

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