Napoleon Hill wrote the words, and it was a statement that he frequently said-that «every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.»

Every adversity brings with it the seeds of an equivalent advantage.

And this is a thing that we do need to keep in mind, because setbacks do come in the lives of all of us. The more we reach, the more chances we take, the more setbacks. And by the way, it’s all the way up and down the board-whether it’s love, war, or business, we will always encounter setbacks.

So when we do, it’s good to go back to the wisdom that’s there to guide us-the wisdom that we can bounce back. Sometimes we can think, «Woe is me! They’ve cut back my income 15%!» or «I can’t find another job!», and while that’s not good, and that could be tough, and it could be true, there are ways that we can always wiggle around and make it work.

We’re not refugees, by the way. We’re not having our country attacked, and we’re not fleeing with nothing but what we have in a bag at our side. We have opportunities and the chance to think about so much that we do have to do. It’s a good time to call on our resources, one of those resources being our deeper drives and desires.

Are we dissatisfied because it’s time for a change? Is that the universe telling us it’s time for a change?

Are we having these setbacks, multiples that seem to cluster around one particular train of action? Are we getting a cosmic message that it’s time to consider going another way?

No, the new ways do not equal the old ways. But every adversity, every setback, every delay, brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.

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