For the last 50 years, travel into Cuba has been all but impossible for US citizens. Travel sanctions have been incredibly strict, and as a result, very few living Americans have had the opportunity to see the island firsthand. In 2009, however, President Barack Obama lightened sanctions for journalists, students, educators, and other professionals, opening up the unique opportunity for many individuals to take part in Cuba tours that offer the chance to see and explore the island up close and personal.

The Future of US to Cuba Travel Is Uncertain

When looking at how rare and unique the current opportunity for Americans to visit Cuba really is, we need to look to more than just the past 50 years. We need to also look to the future, where US-Cuban relations are uncertain at best. Because of this, there is always a chance that the current opportunity to see the island will be temporary, meaning that those wishing to explore the unique and diverse culture and landscape of Cuba may be best served to take advantage of the opportunity while it is still available.

What Makes These Tours So Important?

In looking at why US professional travelers should consider Cuba tours, it is important to look at some of what makes the island so unique. Cuba is an island with a great deal of history and culture, and because of the overall lack of major tourism, life outside of the island’s resorts is still largely based on tradition. While most historical studies are based primarily on museum research and archaeological studies, Cuban travel gives visitors the opportunity to see traditions that are still very much alike.

Who Should Take Part in Cuban Travel and Tours?

When considering the types of professionals who can benefit from Cuba tours, the list is nearly endless. Journalists will find a great deal of culture everywhere from Havana and its incredible Jazz Festival to Vinales and Santiago de Cuba. The island has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are ideal for historic and anthropological study, and religious organizations and professionals will find many fascinating areas of research and study. In truth, there are many areas for professional study on the island, and prospective travelers are encouraged to apply for a professional license to visit.

Where to Turn for Cuba Travel

If you are a US citizen looking to take part in Cuba tours, it is important that you work with a travel company that is able to work with US travelers. Ideally, you will want to find a company that takes adventurers beyond Havana and into other parts of the island as well. Locations such as Vinales and Santiago de Cuba have much to offer in the way of learning and exploration, and can offer much to the professional looking to conduct research on the island. Take the time to find a company highly familiar with US travel sanctions and dedicated to sustainable tourism and a high quality, authentic Cuba travel experience, and you will find that your visit is everything you imagined and more!

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