Apart from all its charm, Malta draws in travelers for its multiple cuisines derived from different cultures. With an aroma of Mediterranean cuisine combined with the influence of Sicilian and North African dishes, the culture of this island is intertwined with its food. Therefore despite serving dishes of various other countries, the local food items of Malta have not lost their essence.

The fertile soils of the land ensure the production and delivery of an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables to the restaurants in Sliema Malta. They are sold at reasonable prices by green grocers who often set up their shops at the side of main roads as well as around the towns and villages.

In some villages like Mgarr, which is located in the Western part of Malta, an annual celebration of the year’s fresh crops is organized. The event has become very popular throughout the island. The farmers get the chance to show off their fruits and vegetables. The farmers receive a «reward» if their fruit and vegetables are judged as the year’s «crème de la crème» of local produce.

As Malta is an island surrounded by sea, fish as well as seafood form an integral part of Maltese cuisine. It not only forms a part of family meal of the local people, it also takes center stage in the menus found at the restaurants in Sliema Malta. Tourists enjoy different seafood like lobster, octopus and special fish preparations when they visit Malta.

Rabbit is also one of the most loved dishes of the Maltese. Some of the authentic Maltese restaurants consider rabbit as their specialty dish. Other exotic Maltese dish includes kangaroo meat and quail.

The bread, also known as Hobza tal-Malta, plays an integral role in Malta. Crusty sourdough bread loaf with a deliciously fragrant and soft inside is the basis of every meal. Very popular as snack food particularly itself served with simple local produce like fresh tomatoes or kunserva (tomato paste), and Ä¡bejniet. Unless you eat it at the restaurants in Sliema Malta, it is best eaten fresh out of the oven from a baker.

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