Malta Hotels are plentiful and varied.

It can safely be said that hotels in Malta come in all shapes and sizes. In some parts of the Maltese islands you will see lovely old townhouses that were transformed into modern hotels. These types of hotels are usually right at the centre of the town or village.

Malta and Gozo have no shortage of 3 star hotels. Most of these hotels are located right at the centre of popular seaside resorts on the Maltese islands. They offer basic forms of accommodation and a lot of them have pools.

During off peak season, you can usually find some incredible bargains on Malta hotel rates.

Then you have 4 star hotels. In addition to indoor and outdoor pools, these types of hotels would also be equipped with a few restaurants and bars.

Malta hotel rates obviously depend on their rating but rates usually range from Euro 20 to Euro 100 per person.

5 star hotels in Malta are the epitome of luxury, with lavish indoor and outdoor pools, multiple restaurants and relaxing and rejuvenating health spas. Perfect for an unforgettable holiday on the Maltese islands.

In general, most of the hotels in Malta are located in strategic spots in the centre of things.

However, if you’re looking for isolation, there are a few hotels that cater for you. These are usually situated in the Northern part of Malta. Since Malta is so small, these types of hotels manage to kill two birds with one stone.

This is because on the one hand, you can enjoy your privacy and isolation but on the other hand, you’re never too far off from all the major attractions on the island.

Gozo is much quieter than Malta. Hotels there are usually small family run businesses. You will also find a few large, luxurious hotels as well.

Then there’s Comino, the third and smallest inhabited island of the Maltese Islands. There’s only one hotel in Comino but it’s well equipped with all that visitors may require during their vacation.

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